When she was in highschool, Sarah wanted to be fantasy writer but her English Teacher correctly pointed out that she was bad at both writing and spelling. Taking on this constructive criticism, she fell back on her next favourite thing, design!

Sarah works out of the cutest country home office in the small country town of Manjimup in Western Australia. She lives with her beautiful daughter, husband, 2 stink pugs and a huge gang of chickens.

What sets Sarah apart is her extensive industry experience and happy, can-do attitude as well as her killer illustration skills and genuine love of helping businesses succeed. Known for preferring to work with no pants, Sarah has a knack for uncovering what people want but also what they truly need to achieve business success.

Working with Sarah

Sarah is available for all kinds of digital design work and along with her high flying freelancing team - Club of Aces, she would love to help you with any or all of the following:

Brand Identity

Logo / Brand Design
Stationary Collateral
Digital Illustration

Digital Design

Responsive Web Design
Email + Social Media
iOS App Design
Android App Design